Louet Blendingboard

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Louet Blendingboard

With our blending board you can blend different types and colours of fibre and make rolags out of it. You can easily put layers of fibres and colours on it, to create beautiful effects in your spun yarn or felted items.

The board has a keel which can be fixed in three places so you have three different tilting positions. You can easily hold the board on your lap and work with it, because the keel can rotate. The blending board is made of lacquered laminated birch and the carding cloth measures 30 x 30 cm (almost 12″x 12″), is 13 mm (1/2″) high and has 72 tpi.

The board comes with a blending brush and three dowels for easy fibre removal.


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Ashford Fine Drum Carder 72 or 120ppi Ashford Fine Drum Carder 72 or 120ppi
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