products from Coburg Fox Sheep

the golden fleece, products from Coburg Fox Sheep

the golden fleece, products from Coburg Fox Sheep

The Coburger Fuchsschaf

is one of the endangered animal breeds.
Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Coburger Fuchsschaf was widespread in individual local beats (for example, Coburger foxes, Oberpfälzer foxes, Westerwälder foxes, etc.). However, due to changed performance claims, it was almost extinct in the future, and only a few idealists succeeded in maintaining this breed and was recognized by the DLG as a breed "Coburger Fuchsschaf".

The beautiful and unique wool of the Coburger Fuchsschafes is a special recognition mark of this old Landschafrasse. The wool of the outgrown animals has a golden glow, which is also called the "golden fleece". The fleece of the newborn lambs, on the other hand, is reddish brown and only lightens with increasing age. The wool of Coburger Fuchsschaf is very good for knitting, dyeing and also good for felting.

- an economic perspective for the Fox Sheep Wool

If you believe in the wool trade, the wool of the fox sheep is even more worthless than the rest. But their characteristic red-gold shimmer makes them just to something special - to the "Golden Fleece". Since its inception in 2001, the cooperative Goldene Vlies eG has successfully implemented the idea of ​​helping the Fuchsschafwolle to a new appreciation and thereby improving the raw wool profits of the producers. To this end, the more than 70 members have organized the processing of the fox wool into a wide variety of high quality sheep wool products: from knit wool and warm socks to various sweaters, waistcoats, jackets and blankets to embroidered soles, slippers, bags and seat cushions made of felt and various baby articles and sub-beds made of soft woolen pile. Wool knit, felt in different thicknesses and woolen pile are also available for sewing, knitted wool in various thicknesses both in nature and with various plant colors. The Cooperative Das Goldene Vlies eG can now offer more than 100 different fox wool products.

The high-quality products are mainly produced in small factories in Germany and neighboring countries. Here the members with their total of around 2,000 foxes are also resident.

the golden fleece, products from Coburg Fox Sheep

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