Ashford Rheedekamm Set

Ashford Rheedekamm Set

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raddle kit
Beam your warp quickly, easily and evenly every time with the new, improved raddle kit. Now available for all Ashford table looms. Full step-by-step instructions in the Learn to weave on a Table loom booklet. Fuss free warping, everything included.
The perfect accessory for all Ashford table looms.


Available in 4 widths
30cm (12ins) - Katie loom
40cm (16ins)
60cm (24ins)
80cm (32ins)

Steel pins spaces 12.5mm (1/2in) apart - Centre pin marked
Lacquered Silver Beech hardwood

Kit includes: Raddle, 2 steel rings, stretchy helping hands, Learn to weave on the Table loom booklet and 20 cardboard warpsticks.


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